Renaissance Festival!

Reid and I thought it would be fun to go to the Renaissance Festival this year. Neither of us has been in many many years.  They had a weekend for dogs and we thought it would be fun to take Tucker with us.  Doc would not have enjoyed it quite as much.  We loaded up and as you can see I had my official dog mom backpack on for the family.  Tucker was not a fan of the bands when they would play because it was too loud but otherwise he had a great time! Got way to many treats! People loved coming up and petting him so he ended up with a good portion of a chicken sandwich and some turkey leg because of that.




There was a week that both Reid and I were in and out for travel and the boys had a dog sitter do check ins during the day.  Tucker loves his sitters but was not pleased we were not home as much that week.  He let us know……



Sleepy Doc

Doc has some of the most unflattering sleep faces and positions. Here is one of the many faces he makes while sleeping. He was out and snoring during this picture.  img_4169


Handsome Boys

So…. I haven’t posted in forever and unfortunately I have a hard time finding the time to write.  When I am home with the boys we play and have fun and I would rather be playing plus it takes a lot more time to raise two of these handsome devils! Just some quick updates though. Doc is loving being in our little family and is now a healthy weight. He is 115 pounds and looks great. Tucker has also grown and now weighs 100 pounds himself.  With his hips we have to watch him to make sure he isn’t overweight but he is all muscle and still in a healthy weight range.

Doc graduated from Puppy 1 and is almost at the end of Puppy 2. We won’t enroll him in the Canine Good Citizen Class though. Unfortunately we don’t know Doc’s past and he isn’t as trusting of other people or dogs so to prevent stress and anxiety for him and us we decided it would be better to stop after the Intermediate class.  Doc catches on quick and is a great student, he just doesn’t like all the people in the store staring at him.  He is the biggest snuggle bug pup I have ever met though! He loves to snuggle and is so sweet.  Tucker loves having a brother and all the play time that means.

I will try to post more shorter posts or just pictures but here is one of my favorites of them taking over the bed.



Doc Goes to School

Before Tucker’s hip replacement we had enrolled him in a Canine Good Citizen class to continue his training.  They said we could wait until after his surgery and he was healed to come back and take the class.  We were all set to do that right before we got Doc.  Shortly after bringing Doc home we realized he needed some basic training to get up to speed with Tucker so we were able to switch the classes.  Doc is currently enrolled in Puppy 1 at Petco.  There are two other dogs under a year old and Doc towers over them but you could never tell he was any older than them the way he acts like a puppy.


Why is brover biting Dad’s face?

Doc seems to enjoy the classes and he is doing really well. It helps that he is extremely food motivated. He has begun to pick up some of Tucker’s traits though and learned how to hold out for the good treats for class.  We had to buy new treats in the middle of class because apparently the bacon ones didn’t hold the same appeal anymore.


The other puppies are not quite sure what to think of Doc because he is so much bigger than they are.  Doc loves to play with them though and doesn’t understand the size difference.


Whats nice is this is making Tucker go back through the basics when we train at home. This way he will be refreshed and up to speed when we enroll them both in the Canine Good Citizen Class.


Thick as Thieves

Tucker and Doc seem to be becoming best buddies. As soon as I get home and let Tucker out he no longer tries to smother me, but immediately runs to Doc’s kennel and jumps up and down until Doc is out. Then its at least a good five minutes of playing before either of them will acknowledge me.


Mom, what do you want we are busy playing!

Of course if one has a toy the other one wants it.  Even when I give them identical toys they both trade back and forth for hours trying to get the other toy.  Thankfully they moved on from the possessiveness and its a game, but its exhausting to watch.  Doc is more vocal with his approach and does these weird little bark/yips to distract Tucker and then takes the toy.  Where Tucker is stealthy like a ninja and just creeps up quietly for a sneak attach.


This is my toy brover. No matter how much you bark I will not be distracted this time.

The one thing I am super excited about is their ability to walk together. It has taken me a full year to get Tucker completely trained on a leash and it was hard work.  It was worth it because he is amazing on a leash, but I was nervous I would have to do that again with Doc.  Thankfully they both leash up and trot along great.  Because Reid is a Safety Manager our morning walks must include our high viability vests to keep us safe.


Mom, lets go. Less pictures more walking.

The boys wear their vests with pride and get excited when I pull them off the hook because that means its time for their morning walk.  Doc gets a little distracted by bunnies and if anyone is outside, but he listens when I correct him. Thankfully Tucker just looks up at me with this, “what a rookie” look in his eyes and waits patiently. So I am glad to say the adjustment still seems to be going well!


New Toys for the Boys

With the addition of Doc we had to upgrade and add toys to the basket so there would be enough for both of them. We started with some oversized elk antlers because those seem to be resilient to Tucker’s razor teeth and jaws of steel.


Mom, these are awesome! The biggest ones you guys have ever ordered!

These things were huge and the boys love them.  They spend a good chunk of time taking each others antler and chasing one another around the house with them.


Rawhides are awesome too!

We have added rawhides, kong wubbas and nylabones to the mix as well. They seem to be enjoying them and we try to alternate which ones they have access to so they don’t get bored with one.  Doc seems to enjoy everything we give him and typically just wants whatever Tucker has.


Mom, he took my toy again.

The boys are actually doing really well sharing toys.  We had a  couple sharing tiffs in the first week but we have moved on and they do really well just chasing one another and then resting when they are tired.


Mom, is Doc helping you write the blog?

Doc rests on the furniture while Tucker normally likes to roam around for the perfect spot which happens to be by one of the doors most of the time, like a handsome guard dog.


I am resting and protecting.